What our members and partners are saying about us.

Everything we have done is through Synapse...Whenever we needed something we just put it out on the internet on our Facebook post and say, 'Hey, who does this?' and within minutes there are five, six, seven people writing back saying, 'I can help you in this way.' Synapse is my go-to spot for everything that I do if I need something for my business.

Chris Beach, Executive Director, The Relationship Foundation of Virginia, https://www.rfva.org/

I've hired two people through my Synapse network and obviously getting new business and leads and partnerships with folks that know people that are moving is also fabulous. It's not just about quantity and referrals. It's about getting to know people and why they do what they do. It's a little bit more passionate than some of the other organizations out there. And I love that.

Jennifer Zeile, Marketing Director, Stewart Moving and Storage, https://stewartmovingandstorage.com/

We're relationship-driven. Not numbers-driven. Of course, nonprofits are at the heart of Synapse so it was easy for me to make these connections quickly with these nonprofits but then these nonprofits would turn around and introduce me to their friends.

Jimmy Comer, Co-Owner, RBI Services and Community First, https://rbisvcs.com/

When it was time to broaden out beyond that network, Synapse was absolutely instrumental in helping me create connections with a potential new client base.

Christine Flavin, Founder, Bottle Tree Consulting, http://www.bottletreeconsulting.com/

The incredible thing for me with Synapse is I have been able to make all types of contacts for myself and my clients...My accountant is through Synapse. My realtor is through Synapse. So it's been very valuable to my business. It's been very valuable to my life.

Mark Winn, Owner, Mark Winn Enterprises, https://www.facebook.com/ChickensTalkings/

What attracted me to Synapse, I guess above other networking groups, was just that community feel. You know, there was something different about the conversations. It's all about the why. Why do you do what you do?

Richard Keller, Regional Development Director, Thrivent, https://www.thrivent.com/